The mind-body connection
Your mind and body are in constant communication with each other. Every thought you have produces a chemical change in your body. For example, if you think about something that terrifies you and you get 'butterflies' in your stomach, or if you imagine someone you find very attractive kissing you, you might notice a warmth/tingling sensation in your body. It's really important to be aware of how negative unhealthy thoughts and emotions affect your body and your health. If you've ever been through a period of intense worry and stress you'll have noticed how you lacked energy and vitality and how your physical health deteriorated. When we experience emotions, hormones (chemical messengers) are released into our body. After prolonged periods of experiencing unhealthy emotions such as anxiety, the body's natural hormonal balance becomes disturbed. For example, excessive stress may lead to complete suppression of the menstrual cycle, and in less severe cases will lead to anovulation or irregular cycles. In order to create change to your health and fertility, your thoughts and emotional responses need to be healthy, too.
Hugo, S
The Fertile Body Method, a practitioner’s manual
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