No one should face fertility challenges alone

Group support is extremely valuable for women facing fertility challenges.

You might, for instance, be the only person you know in this situation. Chances are, your friends have all fallen pregnant easily, and they really don’t understand what you’re going through. Just being in the company of other women who ‘get’ you can make you feel better. Being able to share, listen, gain knowledge, learn coping skills and even make new friends is a real gift on this sometimes (often) rocky road.

Research shows that group support can help people to feel better. Dr Alice Domar, renowned Harvard psychologist and infertility researcher, says “In my clinical work I have seen patient after patient feel better and experience less severe symptoms after participating in group-based programs”. She maintains that groups help because – on top of offering support, compassion, friendship, and understanding –  they verify that your feelings are natural, provide advice for coping with difficult situations, tips on enduring treatment like IVF, and firsthand descriptions of what it’s like to give yourself an injection or to ask a manager for a medical leave of absence.

If you live in Cape Town, please consider joining our support group that meets on the second Thursday of the month from 6-8pm. It’s held at the Centre for Group Analytic Studies (CGAS) rooms at 11 Rouwkoop Road, Rondebosch. Please RSVP with Amanda on 0827731055 or

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